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solidworks problem

Question asked by Amitkumar Chavan on Feb 15, 2017


i have solved this problem using ansys software. in this problem we have been given a cantilever beam with one side fixed and other side free to move.

values give dia of semicircle 150mm , depth- 0.25 and width -0.15mm ,and A1 ,A2,A3,A4 forms a square with its center at the un-displaced point A and its length is -60mm


this kind of initial diagram we get.

i am trying to do this in solidworks but i am not getting how to use the undisplaced length -60mm and get the stress and the find the forces in X and Y direction.Arlin Loewen

i tried but reached only till the simulation part with one end fixed.please can somebody help me with this. thank you

it will be really helpfull.