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Swept cut feature - can I reverse the part which is getting removed?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by Dennis Bacon

Good morning All,

This may sound like a stupid question relating to simple swept cuts but I've been searching and can only come up with a relative link from 2009 on how to reverse the cut.  I'm on 2015 and from what I've read (and have tried), the little widgets are now gone in the software as I cannot seem to have them appear based on the below link to an old thread:

Swept feature direction


For this very simple example below, I've created a square, then created a profile sketch and path under 2 different sketches.  When I do the swept cut feature, I can only get the inside to cut away, but I want the outside to cut away and leave me only the round section.  I think you have to use RMB on the guide curve and use the selection manager but not sure what to choose, region or group etc. Am I going about this the wrong way where I'd need to have a "reverse" profile sketch from what I have?  My intent was to eventually model a simple square cross section part and set it up using sheet metal properties, then do another config cutting the outside away to leave just a piece of round stock.  Then on my shop drawing, show the flat pattern on the drawing using the first config (of square) and show another view on same drawing showing 2nd config with round stock.  I know that you can't "bend" round stock as you need a flat surface.  Looking for a workaround so the shop can see both the flat info and bends, but also be able to see a profile of the round stock section view.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.