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Macro find geometry with dangling relations on drawing

Question asked by Alexey Kovalov on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Alexey Kovalov
Hello all!


There is useful macro made by handleman ( Its find dangling dimension, select it and magnify its area.

Is it possible to change it macro or make new one for dangling geometry relations? Find, select and magnify. Dangling dimensions on drawing changes its color and dangling relations have no any visual changes.

On example pictures I have a plate with axis of symmetry with relation "symmetric" (Screenshot_1) and point with "intersection" (2). After losing right face of part dimension "120" bacame dangling and change its color (on green in my settings - Screen_3). And axis of symmetry stay black but have dangling relation (Screen_4) and now its not axis of symmetry of the part. And all dimensions from this axis is wrong.

The same with point (5).

Thanks in advance.