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    2017 Work Pdm or similar product.

    robert dattilo


               I was wondering how 2017'S work pdm or whatever they have that's similar compares with 2015's.


      Thanks, in advance for any input on the subject;

      Rob_D SW2015 sp5

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Robert,

          If you are referring to 2017 Workgroup PDM and how it compares to 2015 Workgroup PDM then the software is identical except for a few bug fixes.  Workgroup PDM is at its end of life and will not exist beyond the 2017 release though so moving forward SolidWorks Corp is offering PDM Standard which similar to PDM Professional (formerly Enterprise PDM) in that it runs on an SQL database.  PDM Standard is entirely different than Workgroup PDM and would take a lot of work to migrate data from Workgroup PDM into PDM Standard.  It usually involves heavy involvement from your VAR.