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    Using VBA to export probe data

    Swme Eng

      Hello all,


           Do any of you have experience exporting simulation probe data using the API? I have a number of time series simulations I am conducting and would like to find a way to export the probe results and process the data in a more efficient manner.

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          Keith Rice

          Please elaborate on "export the probe data" --- what exactly are you looking for? Moreover, have you already looked in the Simulation API Help and can't find anything or do you not know how to use the Simulation API Help at all?



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              Swme Eng

              Keith, I am perfectly capable of using the API help. I just couldn't find any references to probes or probe data. Thank you for the condescending comment though, always a nice touch.


              I did a bit more searching here on the forums and saw someone had a similar question, but the only answer was to export data programatically using the GetStressForEntities method. With time series data, this would be fairly time consuming to execute on 5000 data points across multiple points, and might not be faster than manually pulling a CSV file using the probe tool. I am looking for a better way to batch export time series data as a CSV file.