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Linked notes vs manually typed notes, dimensions, tables

Question asked by Kurt McMurtrie on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Mike Helsinger

My enhancement request is to be able to visually see which notes, dimensions, items in tables are linked or automatic dimensions vs. manually typed information. Flip a switch and all linked items are green and unlinked items are red???


We use reference drawings a lot in our business. So reference replacing detail drawings is very helpful and a great tool.  On drawings most dimensions are automatic and update as needed when the model changes. On the rare occasion there are additional notes or even manually entered dimensions added to these dimensions or tables.  And these rare occasions are starting to get us in trouble because the manual information entered into these dimensions or tables does not appear to be wrong visually when the drawing is reference replaced with a new part or assembly. (not dangling).  If there was a way to show all values in dimensions, notes, and tables that were linked to something vs the items that were manually entered into the drawing we would be able to focus our checking on those items and be alerted that these items may not have updated automatically.


Anyone else experience these issues?