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Batch Uninstall

Question asked by David Mandl on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Scott Ellery

I probably could create a support case with my VAR and have them escalate to SW's team, but this might actually end up being a quicker way to go through this:


I'm going to be utilizing admin image deployment at our company for the first time when we upgrade to '17 SP2.  I know I can set up the admin to upgrade existing installations, but I would prefer to do a fresh installation, which means doing a batch uninstall (and ideally a cleanup of folders and reg keys while we're at it).


I found a fairly relevant item in the SW Knowledge Base, with what appears to be a nice attachment set including an uninstall .exe.  (S-012431, if you're curious)


The only problem is that the attachment (and the SW KB solution) were both last updated in April of '07... almost ten years ago.


Anyone have any tips for running an uninstall through a batch file?  Or at least confirm if there are any changes from that old uninstall .exe that I should be aware of?