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    SolidWorks 2012 issue with compatability on Windows 10

    Eric Blankinship

      Hello All,


      So at my office we run SolidWorks 2012 with mostly Windows 7 OS Computers.  But we have one user who is running it on Windows 10 and was having no issue until recently (Yes I know that it's not 100% compatible).  Recently we copied the default settings to his computer so he could access all of the company templates and other such documents.  Ever since copying the settings his SolidWorks moves at a snails pace as it causes even the simplest models to take forever to visualize and render changes/View rotation ect.  I have tried reducing the image quality and performance settings to try and minimize demand on the computer but to no avail.  These default settings don't seem to cause any issue on any of our Windows 7 computers so I am wanting to know if there are any settings in particular that cause issue on Windows 10 OS.  I can easily make a custom settings for Windows 10 computers in the future that may just have 1 or 2 less than desirable settings as long as the bulk of the settings are able to be kept intact.



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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Eric,

          The first step I would suggest is putting this machine's settings back to the way they were before.  This is assuming you made a backup of those settings to restore from.  It would not even be a bad idea to go so far as to use a Windows System Restore to move the settings back to what they were previously and then manually make file location updates to the program.  If not, the only way from here is to forge ahead.


          As there are no recommended graphics drivers for Windows 10 and SolidWorks 2012 you would want to try installing one of the 2015/2016/2017 recommended driver variants and see if performance improves with any of them.  You would also want to try both safe mode start-ups found in the 'SolidWorks Rx' (found in the Windows Start menu) to see if they make any difference to the performance as this can help determine what the cause is and help with choosing a viable solution.


          I know this is general stuff but I don't know of a particular silver bullet for your situation here.

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            Rick McDonald

            Have you set SW to run in "Compatibility Mode" (To Windows 7 is best)?

            Also, any of the support files like SW Explorer.

            Also, as Ryan Dark said, the drivers are not compatible with SW & Windows 10 - and there have been alot of driver problems with video cards and Windows 10, so it is recommended that you go back to a Video driver that is at least as far back as middle of 2016.

            You can even try running the driver in Compatibility mode to Windows 7.