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Sketch Offset Entities Dimension Placement

Question asked by John Pesaturo on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Rob Edwards

I'm aware that in the grand scheme it's a minor nuisance at best and really just a pet peeve but here it is all the same.


When working within a sketch, when I create an offset of the sketch geometry the dimension for the offset geometry is always placed seemingly randomly. I would like to use the dimension when generating drawings but the placement really throws me for a loop and I end up just re-dimensioning as needed. Here's one of the most basic offset's I could come up with as we use this type quite often for alignments within assemblies.


Try as I might, I simply can't get the dimension to end up on the horizontal axis and if the hex is rotated 90° same deal but in the vertical axis. When the offsets become more complicated, it never fails that it places the dimension on the most obscure radii I think it can find.

If I try and manipulate the sketch to get the dimension where I want it, it over defines or even worse (when the original offset dimension is deleted) it blows up and loses all of it's offset relations and goes blue everywhere except where I placed the new dimension. Again, not so much of an issue with this example but on the complicated stuff it gets pretty damn frustrating.


So after all that babble, the question at hand is ... Is there any way to get the dimension where I want it to end up? Thus allowing me to click the beloved Import Model items and have my more complicated offsets pre dimensioned from the sketch I already did all the work on.