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Having Issue with Flange Creation

Question asked by Carmelo Treviso on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Carmelo Treviso

Good afternoon guys and gals,

I'm by no means an expert on the sheet metal use of SW but I seem to be doing well so far.......but I hit a snag. I'm basically using sheet metal module to create a file/drawing based on a mockup and an mage of that box (sorry no digital file). Well most of it has come along nicely as I add a feature (Flange) and test it by flattening it to make sure I got it going pretty good by comparing it the sheet I have.

I got all of the main base flanges in and now I'm working on the inner tabs that would be glued in place for the box. I've been able to make two inner tabs and went to work on the other side following the same procedure but I can't get it to go without it giving me an error. Not sure where I'm going wrong.

Working Flange 1.png

Here the first one.

Working Flange 2.png

Herr are my settings. When I go to the opposite side its a no go. I have 8 more to add after I figure this out.

Anyone have any input to help me with this as I add tabs? Here are some more pictures. I also hate the yellow for preview. Where can I change the color on this?


Flat View 1.png