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disappearing dimensions within sketch

Question asked by E. G. on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Bode Swango

I have old 2014 parts that I open in 2016 and when I go edit the sketch, no dimensions are visible. If I click around the sketch I am able to select one and see the dimension properties, but not the actual dimension (usually turns blue when selected).

I have checked all of my display settings to make sure that the dimensions are visible and nothing can get them to show up.

this is only happening with the 2014 parts, even after converting to 2016. I've also changed the drafting standard, font size, line thickness, etc. and nothing seems to make it show up.

the dimensions show up just fine in the drawing so I created a configuration table and through the drawing, renamed all the dimensions so I know which one is which and now I can edit them through the configuration table.

I've restarted SW and my computer several times and nothing. Even had another person open the files in their computer, same thing.


has this happened to anyone?