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    Sharing Models

    Paul Labelle

      I have an assembly that has identifying information in the tree. I would like to share this assembly as a stp file, but I would like to strip away any tree information. Is there a way to do this? The assembly has component part numbers, manufacturers ect, that we do not wish to divulge

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          John Stoltzfus

          The only way to keep all information is to save the file in which it was created.  You may be able to open via step file and they may retain all that info..

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            Paul Salvador

            Paul.. one way,..

            1 - save the *.sldasm as a *.sldprt

            2 - open the *.sldprt and save as a parasolid  *.x_t

            3 - open the *.x_t and save as a *.sldprt

            .., there are only random body names listed under one *.sldprt

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                Tom Gagnon

                Similar to Paul's advice: I tried it out on the assembly I'm working on. I should've tried something smaller. 3 posts later..


                Saving the assembly as a Step file does strip custom properties from all files, but retains the component (both parts and subassemblies) file names. That's not what you want.


                So I saved the assembly as a part (including all components). However, all my component filenames have been carried over as assigned names of imported solid bodies. Parts in subassemblies had names of [Subassembly]/[Part] so it retained both values.


                I saved the Part as a Step file.

                Opening the step file resulted in all imported solid bodies renamed to: Imported1, Imported2, ... Imported558.


                Paul's idea is correct, although I think you may be able to skip the *.x_t step if you wish to share a Step file.

                If you wish to share a SLDPRT file, then his intermediate example with parasolid and my example of Step is about equivalent.


                I don't know which is better overall, but parasolid is considered 'native' to SWx, yet most of the manufacturer files I download from the web are Step.



                * Save assembly as part.

                * Save part as step.

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                  Paul Labelle

                  This worked for me. All solid bodies, etc were labelled Imported1, Imported2....I opened the x_t file, then saved to stp. stp file was quite large, 280meg, but zipping it brought it down to a more manageable 65meg


                  Thanks for all your help

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                  Ryan Dark

                  Hi Paul,

                  You can strip all identifying information about your bodies if your first save your assembly into a part file like this:


                  Go to 'File', 'Save As'Set file type to "Part (.sldprt)"

                  Select to save "All Components"

                  Press 'Save'

                  Once you have saved the assembly out as a part, open that part then save it out into a Parasolid (.X_T).  The Parasolid (.X_T) will no longer have any identifying names of bodies once it is imported on the other end.

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                    Dan Pihlaja

                    Hrmm, I have been thinking about this for a bit.


                    I tried a couple of things with no luck.   I saved my test assembly as a part and then saved the part as a STP, but after re-opening the STP file, the bodies still retain the component names and part numbers.


                    The only other thing that I can think of is use pack and go and select each item and rename it in the pack and go screen before processing.  But if you have a large assembly this is tedious.....and stupid, since you can rename each item anyway.....*sigh*.


                    OK.....here we go.

                    1) Save the assembly as a part.

                    2) Save the part as an IGS file.

                    3) Reopen the IGS file

                    4) Save the result as a STP file.


                    *sigh*  I was able to do it that way.  All part numbers/descriptors are removed.

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                      Bernie Daraz

                      I see that you already have an answer marked correct but just looking at this again I remembered the Defeature command in SW. It might be worth a look for the future.

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                          Paul Salvador

                          Bernie,.. agree, a option worth considering...


                          A WISH,  imho, which would be GREAT.. when saving as a sldpart,... to also save out the sub assembly structure in sub folders!


                          Someone has already made a request for defeature... "SPR #: 721031"   (open)

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                          Elmar Klammer

                          Hi Paul,


                          If you have large assemblies to deal with it is a little faster to save the assembly as part and then run the following macro.

                          It renames all bodies to insignificant identifier.


                          SolidWorks MakroMania - Anonymisieren von Exportteilen