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    Mates on a Cylinder (LH or RH Assy)

    James Sorrentino

      I have an 8' Diameter Cylinder 100" long. I am mating components to the exterior of the cylinder, when looking from the aft end of cylinder, 45° clockwise & tangent to the cylinder. Now I have a Left-Hand configuration of this assembly and mate the component 45° counter-clockwise & tangent to the cylinder.


      Switch back to the Right-Hand configuration & the component is now in the 135° counter-clockwise location, 180° out of position.


      I have tried placing planes and creating a sketch on the aft surface for the angled locations & mated the component plane to the sketch without success.


      How do I fix this issue without "fixing" the position?


      (SW2016 SP4)

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          Scott Ellery

          Hi James ,


          you are going to want to make sure you are configuring the part correctly, see the attached video, hopefully this was what you were talking about

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            Tom Gagnon

            I'd have to see the part file to confirm, but I'll assume wholeheartedly as if I understand you. I am less useful than a fully informed potential.


            It sounds to me as though the method you used to create the second-handed configuration includes the references you originally used for the first-hand configuration. I think a mirrored body, consuming the original, could do this.


            Instead, you could alter dimensions per config, keeping reference entities in the same location and creating new reference entities (used to mate with) in the new locations, without overlapping parent/child dependencies. That way, for example, LH config will have a LH Sketch, a LH Axis, a LH Plane, and the RH config will have a RH Sketch, RH axis, and RH Plane. Opposite items will be suppressed in each config, so as to have separate and equivalent references to mate to.

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                James Sorrentino



                I'm not convinced this will work because I think SW gets mess up with angles over 90°. I am going to look at setting it up like Scott Ellery's suggestion.


                The pictures below shows what happens when I switch between configurations and is simplified to show only one attached component. The model I have locates about 20 different components and not all change with configurations. I used the "single" sketch to easily change and keep angular references for design purposes.


                Cylinder Assy - LH.pngCylinder Assy - RH.png

                LH Assembly Shown Correct                                                      RH Assembly 180° out of position


                Bracket Planes are coincident to sketched lines.


                Thanks for your suggestion.