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Camera position - Image sequence

Question asked by Homolya Péter on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2017 by Daan Haeyen



Recently I almost came to the final stage of my animation, however I seem to get the same problem over and over again. Once I start the rendering, the camera position resets, and it zooms out of the whole scenery.


I know about the solution for the "accelerated rendering" being turned off, however that completely sets back my progress. (I started a render in the weekend for a 30 seconds long scene and it only finished 16 seconds in the 64 hours I've been away). I'm not moving the camera at all. The current version is 2016 SP3.0, and I can't have further update for a while, since it's company based. I know this is an issue since 2014, or even from earlier, is it possible that the support still couldn't have solved this issue?


Thank you very much in advance!