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    SolidWorks is SUDDENLY very slow today

    Chelsea Young

      My SolidWorks 2015 speed has never been a problem.

      I have a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop, it can usually handle whatever I'm doing.


      Today, it just decided to stop working essentially. I can't even make a simple sketch in a new part without it twitching and thinking for a while.

      None of my other programs, are experiencing any problems, just SolidWorks.

      I've reset all of my SolidWorks system options, and I've also set all of the performance settings to their fastest settings, but nothing's worked yet.


      I'm at a loss, any suggestions?

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          Kelvin Kelvin

          I am having exactly the same problem!


          I am using HP Pavillion 14. SolidWorks ran really smoothly at least until the last time I used it on 10th Feb 2017.


          SUDDENLY, on 12 Feb, it is really slow. I can't even smoothly rotate the view of a single part.


          Waiting for any suggestion for this frustating problem, thanks.

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              Ivan Kalazic

              Yes you have right there is not only problem with nvidia but with Intel HD graphic as well.


              It works intermittently. There are times that SW works like charm even with complex of assembiles with many many parts. And there is problem even with starting to make new part with even start of the Sketch. (no other files are opened in SW only that one that is about to be made).

              My graphic card from Intel HD isn't shown in the SW support list at all, but SW works, at least worked until couple of days ago when this problem came even more frequently.

              Worked like a charm couple of days without problem. But now today and yesterday I started to fight with its laging.

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              Dylan Palafox

              I'm having a problem similar to yours. I have an i7 with 4 cores, but I'm running on a gaming laptop. Solidworks 2015 is running very slow, and only at 5-20% cpu usage: makes looking at assemblies a nightmare.

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                Yalcin Aksan

                Hello Chelsea

                I’m working on a distributor of SOLIDWORKS as technical support specialist. I have talked many people about same issue. All of them were using Nvidia Geforce series graphic card and graphic card drivers had been updated on 10.02.2017. The issue was solved when another graphic card driver was installed. If you use Nvidia Geforce graphic card too, try to install another driver.

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                  Piotr Szulta

                  as Yalcin says, if you don't have time to reinstal driver, switch to integrated graphics - it will be much better.

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                    Paul Salvador

                    What most likely happened,.. Windows Update auto installed the latest nvidia driver... unfortunately, there have been issues with nvidia drivers for the past 2 months.  (newer is not always better)

                    ... as suggested.. look at your driver version and look over the past discussions using the search (top right maginfy glass)... for instance, use the words, "slow driver" .

                    IMHO.. reinstall your older video driver,.. if you know what it was?... or undo the last update using system "restore"....

                    ,,if you don't want to do a system restore..    download one of the older nvidia drivers from about mid last year (~June 2016)

                    .. if for some reason.. the above is not the answer.. it could be some sort of corruption to the registry... search the forum.. "reset registry" 


                    Good luck!