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Is it possible to filter configurations by user selection on placement?

Question asked by Stavros Smith on Feb 12, 2017
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Does anyone know if is possible to filter the configuration list of a library part when you place the item?


Apologies for bringing up Autodesk, but Inventor has an option when creating the equivalent of a design table, to set certain dimensions as 'keys'.  I am wondering if there is something similar in Solidworks.


When you placed the library component in Inventor, for a fastener as an example, the first option would be size (M1.6, M2,..), after making a selection from a drop down of all available sizes, you could then select the length from a drop down.  Something similar to the window that appears when you place a toolbox component in SolidWorks, but for non toolbox components.


We are starting to create a custom library of parts, some of which have a large number of configurations and when we place them the scroll bar scrolls too fast and the arrows are too slow.


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