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SQL Server fails to reinstall after disk corruption

Question asked by Ruben Willems on Feb 12, 2017

Hello all, my apologies if this is in the wrong section, couldn't find one for help,


After my HDD was showing signs of corruption, I tried deinstalling Solidworks 2016, which failed for SQL, Electrical and perhaps others because it couldn't find corrupt files. So I was forced to resort to trying deinstalling these manually by throwing the files out (had to format the HDD), running ccleaner, and then afterwards cleaning up what else I could find in regedit, run ccleaner again. Yet somehow it still found my license, and the SQL server, and thought there still was a toolbox installed.

I'm legitimately stumped by how deep SolidWorks has its roots into my system.


The misconception of a toolbox being installed I eventually could clear out.

Numerous attempts later trying to create a new SQL server I found that the "TEW_SQLEXPRESS" name already was taken, so I tried deleting entries of this in regedit as far as I could find once again. Now the installation of the SQL server still fails and it gives and error that it cannot find the source files for the installation of Solidworks 2016 SP02, to then say the installer encountered an error, I suppose that this is a domino effect. Also the size it deems needed for installation is suspiciously low, just 1.9 gb


Please help, at this point the only remaining solution I can think of is to reinstall entire Windows.


"The executable file "F:\SOLIDWORKS 2016 x64
/ConfigurationFile="C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS Electrical\SWSQLSetup.ini"
not install successfully."