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Part Properties to populate with information from assembly properties

Question asked by Patrick Lawrence on Feb 13, 2017


I am trying to come up with a means of identifying the assembly from which specific parts come from on my bills of materials.  This is in order to assist our stores with allocating parts and components correctly. 


I will explain the situation/scenario which we find arises:

1. An assembly model and drawing is created containing all large parts and sub-assemblies.  Our purchasing system/structure references this assembly name at order and this allows stores to allocate parts (Lets call this Assembly A).

A parts only BOM is created and used for ordering purposes - which is ok when parts and sub assemblies are not that complicated.  The issue arises when intricate/detailed sub assemblies are contained within the main assembly - this results in all small components etc. being stored with reference to the main assembly name on one shelf called Assembly A, which poses issue when it comes to the build stage as components can be difficult to locate.



2. What I would like to do is continue to reference the main assembly name, while also referencing each part with the sub assembly name to which it belongs on a stores bom.  Stores could then store large components referencing the main assembly name, and also store any parts belonging to a subassembly in a box referencing the main assembly name and the subassembly name.


My thoughts as to a possible solution are:

1. I can create a custom property in the part summary information which I can reference in my BOM. i.e. SubAssyName.

2. I would like this to reference the subassembly name in this property.  Is it possible to do this in a similar manner as to the way it is possible to call up the part name and folder directory in the part summary information i.e. $PRP:"SW-File Name"/$PRP:"SW-Folder Name"?


My main assembly BOM would then look like the below.  All top level parts would have the SubName field blank, while any parts contained within a subassembly would have its name populated in the SubName field.


It would be possible for me to enter the subassembly name as a property manually and get the information to a the stores BOM this way, or also use an indented bom.


I may be over complicating the task, however I would welcome all feedback and thoughts around the matter.