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Word doc from "Triage; Sorting out the Trauma" - Plan - SWW17

Question asked by Casey Gorman on Feb 10, 2017
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Below is the Word doc I had on the screen when I was discussing planning.

I hope it is helpful



MBD/MBE Implementation SAMPLE Plan

  1. Get full management buy in
  2. Assemble team
  3. Schedule meetings
  4. Decisions to be made
  5. Create an implementation schedule/timeline
  6. Document decisions and progress
  7. Report progress to management regularly (wins and challenges)
  8. Reassess plan as needed and update
  9. Evaluate your standards, process and procedures
  10. Training – should be address in the early stagers

  1. Get full management buy in
    1. May be the ones driving MBD desire

    2. Create a plan
    3. Make them aware that it will impact every part of the business
    4. Let them know there will be people that wish to remain doing things the old way and will need help in seeing that MBD is good progress and not a bad idea.
    5. If management doesn’t buy in, it most likely will not happen
    6. Give the reasons for moving to MBD (may be contractual, improve quality, could help reduce part procurement time)
    7. Prepare a budget for needed items (software, training; consultant if needed)
  2. Assemble team
    1. Need at least one from every department, plus suppliers (ad hoc) management (as needed), engineers, drafters, QC, inspection, receiving, purchasing,

    2. Brief them with the similar information as you did management
    3. Let them know that what might not appear in the beginning impacts them, surely will as it progresses
  3. Schedule meetings
    1. Run on a set schedule (1X to 2X a week?) for the internal team

    2. Establish responsibilities and priorities (task assignment and accountability)
    3. Use to convey progress
    4. Find out if anything is impeding progress (those on the team have make sure they work on MBD), be mindful of neigh Sayers.
    5. Learn what the resistance to change is and find ways to address it

  1. Decisions to be made
    1. What level of MBE to achieve when (suggest to start with a STEP242 file attached to a 2D PDF, maybe a 3D PDF if suppliers are ready for it)

    2. Template/Theme update/design
    3. Do notes need to be change to accommodate the progression to MBD?
    4. Will you prepare a written document for suppliers?
    5. Will suppliers have to just conform to your process? Or will you make allowances?
    6. Best to help suppliers to meet what you are trying to achieve. What do you need to do to help?
    7. What new software is needed and when? (SOLIDWORKS MBD seats; 
    8. What training is needed (GD&T; SOLIDWORKS MBD; DimXpert, MBD Philosophies …) and who will conduct it (VAR, Consultant, in-house)
  2. Create an implementation schedule/timeline (possible key points on plan)
    1. Items to have in place to start

    2. Prepare file data to use as an example (basic Technical Data Package)
    3. Meet with purchasing and suppliers to review (ad hoc?)
    4. Prepare a small project to use what was learned from just the file
  3. Document the group decisions and progress; be prepared to change them
  4. Report progress to management regularly (wins and challenges)
    1. Reporting the wins will comfort them in know they made the right decision

    2. Address challenges after the wins. Let them know how you are address them and how they can help
  5. Reassess plan as needed and update
  6. Evaluate your standards, process and procedures
    1. Existing ones will need updating

    2. New ones will need to be written and disseminated