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    Transient thermal study over a given positional path?

    Tara Campese

      I am not sure if this is possible in Simulation, but is there a way to do a transient thermal study where the source of heat power moves location over time?


      I have a part, let's just say it's a simple box, and I want to run a zigzaged path along the top surface and have the location of the input heat power move along that line so I would get a plot of heat power over position. Think like what happens to a part when shooting a laser at it then moving that laser along a specific path.


      I have found how to input either Heat Power vs Time or Heat Power vs Temperture plots (see here for reference: Transient Thermal Study with a Time Varying Applied Temperature | MySolidWorks ), but not Heat Power vs Position.


      Is this currently possible in Simulation?

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Tara,

          I didn't find any indication in the program or the SOLIDWORKS KB that would indicate any ability to create a thermal analysis with a Heat Power vs Position.  About the easiest way I could think to get close was to create several discrete faces along the path you want the Heat Power to move.  Then in the thermal study you would setup several Heat Power definitions that only turn on for a fraction of the total time and apply them in sequence to the discrete faces on the path.

          This test model I setup (attached) has 5 discrete faces in a straight path like you see below.

          The faces were each setup to have a 5 watt power applied to them.  They use a time curve to start at 0 watts, step up to 5 watts for 1 second, then step back down to 0 watts.  It is definitely not a perfect representation of what you describe but it is as close as I can think to make right now.