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    SWW17 class presentation download

    Chris Saller

      Each instructor told me the presentations would be available right after SWW.

      I don't see the downloads anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find the download page?

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          Christian Chu

          I think you have to wait at least a month for those presentations being available for downloading

          As what happened in the past. Not sure if it'd be earlier this time

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            Jeremy Feist

            the recordings of the presentations are always at least a month later. some of the presenters will make files (PDFs, powerpoints, models, etc.) available from their personal storage (dropbox, etc.). these are generally immediately after the conference.

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              Tony Cantrell

              You will get a notification when the downloads are available, usauly around March, for those who attended.

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                  Rick McDonald

                  I have never gotten notifications before - I have always had to search.

                  But it may depend on the type of notifications you normally get (or opt in for).

                  You also may not if you are not on active subscription.

                  Best is to start searching around the beginning of March.

                  Also, the information I have is that it will be done the same as in 2017 where it will be posted and then removed when the SWW2018 web site goes on line.

                  So download any and all you want because they WILL go away eventually.

                  With luck and lots of requests, this may change:

                  See Rachel York's response:


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                  Rick McDonald

                  Based on all the presentations l have downloaded since 2010, all presentations that will be posted on the SolidWorks site will have video.  They will also have power point or other files (many have the working files that the presenter used) .


                  Edit: sessions that were "Hands On" sessions, will NOT have video as video is not taken since the attendee's are doing the work and the presenter is guiding them. ( I have not been in a "Hands On" but this is the way I understand it).

                       However, the files used are typically published.


                  This is unless there was a recording problem or some other failure (I have historically seen about 5 presentation posting from each year that have some problem so they may be only video's or only power Point or nothing).

                  In the past, it seemed most were posted in March.

                  On the board at SolidWorks World:

                  Rumors I heard said in 3 weeks - But, as a rumor, that is not official and it will depend on how long it takes to compile and publish all the material and then  format it into the website.

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                    Chris Saller

                    Thanks everyone.

                    This is what I guessed. But, every class I was in the instructors told us that the materials would be available immediately after SWW. They must have been given wrong info before SWW.