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Issue with high end desktop

Question asked by Sean Riley on Feb 10, 2017
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I am not sure if I selected the correct category or not but it is for Solidworks Education so hopefully I am in the correct spot.


I am having an incredibly strange issue. We just got high end desktops to use in our CAD lab. Their specs: i7-6700k, 16gb memory, nvidia gtx 1060 6gb vram, 500gb ssd.

When using a medium sized assembly, about 100 parts, anytime I try to move the camera it is really laggy. By that I mean that it jumps around alot and will wait a few seconds before it decides to move. We are using Solidworks 2016 on a fresh install of windows 7. I also tried to do a clean install of windows 10 and had the same exact problem.


Now for the even stranger part. I a desktop that is a couple of months old that I installed with the same copy of windows 7 and solidworks that only has an i5 with onboard intel graphics and 8gb of ram and the same 500gb ssd and it has no issues with the files at all. I also tried it on my desktop at home that has an fx-8350 with a gtx 770 and 16gb ram and it had no issues running it either. I am really confused as to how this good of a machine is having issues with solidworks. I have run different benchmarks and tried to run other programs and it runs everything I throw at great, except for solidworks.


Other things I have tried to fix the issue:

     Running the assembly in large assembly mode

     Reinstalling solidworks

     Reinstalling Windows

     Installing the latest graphics driver from nvidia

     Decreasing the resolution on the monitor

     Renaming the solidworks reg key in software

     Changing windows to use the best performance options under advanced properties


I am completely at a lost, does anyone have any other ideas?


Oh, and no we are not using network drives, it is all saved to the ssd.