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How to make part's outer dimension driven by internal cut?

Question asked by Juha Tuomala on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by Juha Tuomala

I'm drawing a carage model and have the following sketches/body features:


- fundament, a concrete slab

- wall block, 3m extursion up from the fundament

- inner rooms, extruded cuts from the wall block


I don't know how big the whole building needs to be, so I would like to leave the fundament dimensions underined, or make them driven.


When I'm adding the last dimension into rooms, SW claims that my sketch is over defined. Well, I have the dimensions up to outer walls (wall block outer line) - but that's how it should be. I would like the fundament grow/shrink based on my needs inside. But it doesn't.


I tried to remove all smart dimensions from fundament and wall block, but that didn't have any affect, those still had their dimensions in properties. If I add the smart dimension, then I have an option to make it driven. But it doesn't drive anyway.


So, is the driving/driven feature something that only applies to given skecth - or does its domain apply across the whole drawing/file?

Or is the feature order limiting factor that earlier features can't be driven by later features in element tree?

Or why I can't make it work?


Thanks in advance,