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Drawing Sheet 2 to load with rev table

Question asked by Gary Rowsell on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Robert Van Pelt



So I have been setting up drawing templates for my company...

On the 1st sheet I have added a Rev table into the template and chose the setting in Options for the Rev table on subsequent sheets to say "See sheet 1". Now the problem is when I create a drawing and then add a second sheet there is no Rev table in the sheet - it has to be added manually (it does however do as I want and says "See Sheet 1"). Is there a way to get it to automatically add the Rev table when one adds a new sheet to the drawing?

I tried adding a second sheet in the drawing template and adding the Rev table - this works but now when I create a new drawing it by default has two sheets. I don't want that as I think some of our designers will forget to delete the second sheet when it isn't required and the sheet count will be counting the second blank sheet etc.


I hope I am being clear Can anyone help?