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    Drawing Sheet 2 to load with rev table

    Gary Rowsell



      So I have been setting up drawing templates for my company...

      On the 1st sheet I have added a Rev table into the template and chose the setting in Options for the Rev table on subsequent sheets to say "See sheet 1". Now the problem is when I create a drawing and then add a second sheet there is no Rev table in the sheet - it has to be added manually (it does however do as I want and says "See Sheet 1"). Is there a way to get it to automatically add the Rev table when one adds a new sheet to the drawing?

      I tried adding a second sheet in the drawing template and adding the Rev table - this works but now when I create a new drawing it by default has two sheets. I don't want that as I think some of our designers will forget to delete the second sheet when it isn't required and the sheet count will be counting the second blank sheet etc.


      I hope I am being clear Can anyone help?

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          John Stoltzfus

          Setup and save your template to what you need, save it as a template, then you can close the file and then open a new drawing which is the drawing template, check to make sure all the changes that you made are still there, then do a Save As Format - when you add a new sheet it loads the sheet format, not the template. 

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            Robert Van Pelt

            Hi Gary,


            I was just in the exact same boat as you and I am not sure if you are still working on this problem. I wanted the "See Sheet 1" placeholder table to appear on all subsequent sheets and to come in automatically when I added a new sheet. So first, here are the limitations I found with Solidworks.

            1. The revision table will not automatically load when you add a new sheet, even if you use the option to use a different sheet format as John recommended, because the revision table is saved on the sheet template and not the sheet format. When you add a new sheet it brings in anything on the format and does not carry over anything outside of the template (We also do not get our standard notes to come over because of this)

            2. I tried to make a sheet 2 version of our templates as a work around and the revision table would still not come in because of #1 above.

            3. I tried to add the revision table to the sheet format in my sheet 2 version of the template and found that Solidworks will not let you add a revision table to the format. You can add a BoM, weld, or bend table, but not a revision or design table...go figure.


            So here is what I did do. I added a manually sketched "table" to the sheet format in my sheet 2 version with a "Note" that says "See Sheet 1". I saved that sheet 2 version out as the Sheet Format Only and not as a Document Template (you don't need the sheet template, just the format). In the document properties for my template I set to use the sheet 2 version format for all additional sheets as John described above. And now when I add additional sheets, I have a "Table" that says Sheet 1.