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Surface goal without a surface

Question asked by Luis Alberto Salazar Salazar on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by Luis Alberto Salazar Salazar

Hello, im working in a model of a dust collection duct line, im trying to estimate the VP equivalent of an elbow, for that first i need to find the diference in presure drop in both cases: first for a straight line without the elbowand next for the same lenght of duct but wit an elbow in the middle, i have a model for the straight line but in order to get the losses by produced in the entry of the duct i add a box with a bigger diameter and i specify the condition that you can see in the image, the quiestion is how can i specify a surface goal for the entry of the duct with out add a lid on that end of the duct? (surface goal2 in the image) i need to do that to get the static, total and dynamic pressures and also the z component of velocity.

Wich pressure im getting when i run an x-y plot?

Another question, why if i run 2 models one with a inner velocity (forced draft flow) and the other with a outer velocity (induced draft flow) (same value and same environment conditions) im getting different values for the static and the total pressures? (the model with the inner velocity gives me the same value that the one im getting making the calculation "by hand" using the ACGIH method).


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