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    Fillet fail to follow surface. Why?

    Jan Dzban

      How to force filet to reach the very edge of surface?

      When trying to round the concave edge, fillet "ends" before it reaches the outer boundary.

      These are surfaces created using loft or boundary feature.


      It is hard to explain.. Check photos or see the attached file please.


      (I am using Solidworks 2012)

      Zrzut ekranu 2017-02-10 19.29.14.png

      Zrzut ekranu 2017-02-10 19.30.10.png

      Any ideas?

        • Re: Fillet fail to follow surface. Why?
          Paul Salvador

          Jan,.. honestly, the fillet is doing the best it can to extend/trim the surfaces and making choices for you...  yes, it would be nice to have it automatically cap it off or give you choices in how the fillet terminates. (btw,  in this case, the top surfaces could go another way if you were to copy/extend/trim.. but again, it's doing this automatically)