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Problem Bending and Unbending Sheet Metal

Question asked by Johny Abarca on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by John Stoltzfus

Hi all,


New to sheet metal and have been working on an example strip for a progressive die. I am not too familiar with configurations and only started using them after I had already created my finished part so I believe that plays a role in my issues here. My strip was working fine when I decided to change the pilot hole size but after I played around with the configuration manager trying to perpetuate the cut through all my configurations I managed to break the strip.


Originally I was controlling the progressive bending of the part by turning on and off (suppressing) the various edge bends in the flat pattern part of the feature tree. I do not know if this is proper or the easiest/best way to accomplish this but now its not working. I think while making changes to the way I was punching out the part and the pilot holes I suppressed a bunch of components that I had to undo and now its not recognizing the part as having bends. I tried to use the fold feature and it would not let me select any bends and clicking collect all bends it collected the bends but gave me the error: "This part contains features that cannot be unbent". So now I am lost and confused because the bend lines still exist in the flat but it appears Solidworks believes it is just one boss and not a sheet metal part?


Any help is appreciated.