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    How I can repeat this analysis in solidworks?

    Petro Rozhak

      I need to repeat the analysis shown in the video, but in SolidWorks. Maybe someone has ideas how to do it or have done before. Please help.

      Matlab Simulation of Grinding Process, depth=5[um] wheel_velocity=60[m/s] workpiece_feed=0.1[m/s] - YouTube

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Petro,

          Neither Motion nor Simulation are able to simulate the removal of material from your model.  A motion analysis will only simulate the rigid body motion of models to then calculate reaction forces/torques.  Simulation FEA will allow you to bend/flex your model but the model will not be able to be separated into pieces once the forces exceed the ultimate tensile strength.  To truly remake this analysis you would need to look for a different analysis package than this.