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    Drawing of sketch

    Edmond Husseini
      I have a couple of quick questions regarding drawings.

      My intention is to make a drawing and detail view of a sketch. My sketch is saved as a part file, and the file contains that one planar sketch - no extrusions or anything else. The sketch is open...

      First of all I am not able to make a drawing out of the part file... What I find myself doing is editing the sketch, copying (ctrl-c) all the entities and pasting them into the drawing sheet, but this does not give me associativity between the sketch (part) and drawing.

      Once I have pasted the sketch entities into the drawing I would like to make a detail view of a portion of the sketch. The detail view icon is however greyed out and I am not able to select it...

      Is there an easier, more convenient way to go about what I am trying to do?

        • Drawing of sketch
          Alan Stoldt
          Solidworks is sort of weak on the Drawing Side of things.

          Is there a reason you didn't just draw this in the Drawing to begin with, then any changes you make to the drawing are done.

          If your Part sketch can be Extruded (you may have to make several copies and do some Extrude Cuts as well, depending on the difficulty of your sketch.), just make it .001 Thick. You can then do your drawing from the Part you have created and should be able to do your Detail View as well.
          • Drawing of sketch
            Mark Kaiser
            Once you save the part, you should be able to insert it into a drawing. What version of SW are you on? I tried this with SW 09 and it worked fine for me. Once I saved the part, then started the drawing, I could insert a view of the sketch that was in the part.
            • Drawing of sketch
              Edmond Husseini

              I have an iges file of some surfaces. I can make a section view of these surfaces but when I insert this section view into the drawing sheet I don't get the intersection lines of the surfaces and the section plane, which is what I am looking for. I am assuming this is because surfaces have zero thickness.

              What I have done is insert a plane where I want to take the section, and use the intersection curve function to give me a sketch. I then copied this sketch and pasted it in a new, fresh part. So this new part contains ONLY the sketch. I cannot insert this part into a drawing, nothing comes up. I need to open a new drawing sheet, copy the sketch entities and paste them into the new drawing sheet. When I do that however I can not get a detail view...

              I will try doing an extrude with nominal thickness...

              I am on SWX 2009 SP0 by the way...