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    Is this Solidworks compatible

    Martin Brown


      I've been looking for some 3D models online to try and make my job a little easier.

      I've found the below site with models available to download for a fee. Question is would I be able to work with this on Solidworks, as in take measurements and build a model/frame around it?


      3D model Valtra N 134 Series VR / AR / low-poly MAX OBJ FBX MTL | CGTrader.com


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          Christian Chu

          There are many sites you can downlaod for 3D models (you might pay a fee for some sites) but basically, they provide step files which you can open on SW

          Here is the link I use the most - check it out ! 

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            Rick Becker

            You don't say what your job is or what kind of model you need but McMaster-Carr is one of my go-to sites for true SolidWorks models of all kinds.



            GrabCAD is most excellent also...


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              Casey Bergman

              You would have to make sure that you could get it in a usable format (i.e., igs, stp).  The filetypes you see listed on that model might open but they would only be a graphics model and you couldn't measure or mate to them.  I see they have an option for file format conversion so it might be worth a shot.

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                Johnathen Lieber

                As others have mentioned there are multiple ways to get CAD models (My personal favorite is one run by SolidWorks:  www.3dcontentcentral.com)


                However I think you will have difficulties finding the model you reference in your post anywhere.  One of the bigger issues I see is that that is an OBJ file (See below for remarks) and it indicates that is is probably setup for a 3D printer.  In other words scaled way down to fit into a 3D printer so any measurements will not be correct.


                OBJ files can be imported with SolidWorks Premium with good results (some would say mixed results).


                I am assuming you are looking to use that model to create 'parts' that will attach to the tractor, your linked file probably won't do it for you.  Even if we could bring it in perfectly there is no way to know if it is dimensional accurate.

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                  Martin Brown

                  Thanks for the advice guys. It does look like more of a graphics file and I don't want me company to pay $100+ for something we can't use. I have Solidworks Premium but it looks like that still won't help.


                  I will have a look through the sites that are linked for future models.


                  Thanks & Regards,

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                      Bill Toft

                      Have you tried contacting the manufacturer and asking for CAD files? Often they will provide files to their customers.

                      This is a great source for blueprints of all sorts of vehicles: (Alas, no Voltra). Various 2D file formats available.

                      The-Blueprints.com - The largest free blueprint collection on the Internet

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                          Martin Brown

                          Hi Bill,


                          Yeah tried that route with no success sadly. Email below.


                          Might have to look into 3D scanning, not sure that would be cost effective currently though.



                          "Dear Martin,


                          Further to your Web enquiry please find a reply below from the design department in Finland.


                          CAD files are not usually shared outside of head office. The only exceptions are where Valtra is doing a joint design development, using contract design engineers, or when there is some clear and measureable business benefit for us.


                          However, if your business develops in to the sort of operation that gets more volume through the factory (e.g. they start selling new tractor + forestry implement packages), then we can revisit the subject with sales & marketing (because it then becomes a commercial decision).


                          For your info, CAD files are not even shared with some of our closest partners. In those case we make a tractor available for them to “come and measure up” the main dimensions needed for interfaces, so this is one route you might consider.


                          Best Regards