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PDM Task Pane Text is too small on a 4K display / win10 with 2016 SP5

Question asked by Jimmy Heisler on Feb 8, 2017

We have been told by a Geomagic trainer not to upgrade to 2017 yet to avoid compatibility issues, so I am trying to make this work on 2016. I am implementing PDM Standard at my new employer, and the text in the PDM task pane and data card entry is significantly smaller than the text in other windows, where it is almost illegible. This will definitely lead to input errors on data card entry.


Is there a location I can change this that doesn't involve a windows-specific change? I have the default Display Settings scaling cranked up to 175%, and if I go higher, SolidWorks creates graphical artifacts in the modeling window. If I try "custom scaling level" in the advanced display settings, it does not scale up any of the text within the PDM task pane.


Anyone have a workaround for this?