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Problems with laser marking & (step) colors

Question asked by Ville Mannisto on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

I have been doing laser markings on a products of a client using Solidworks 2016. I have found out that extruded boss is the best as getting these markings on a face (also wrap has been used but that tends to be really heavy when there are lots of markings). The problem that I am facing every now and then is lost letters/numbers and colors. Some parts of the letters are missing when extruding sketch. This can be fixed by changing the font on the letters that have parts missing. More annoying is the changing of the colors when saving and reopening the file. It might be that for example A, 0 or 8 are having different color inside of them when opening the file again. Any solutions for this?      Edit: These problems are in solid part (.sldprt) file.


Another similar color problem comes with Solidworks 2016 when saving to .step format. It is really common that if you have many colors "one in top of the other" the step format is mixing them for some reason and don`t know which one should be on the top. Everything is displayed OK in Solidworks native format though... Any nice fix for this problem also?