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Where to learn "writing custom property variables"?

Question asked by Mattew Stafford on Feb 9, 2017

So I am making major progress in creating cutlists and seeing how this affects the BOM.  One of the things I just did was add a "Total Length" to a property that I called "Size".  What was happening was that the weldment profile was used to generate something like L3x3x1/4, but left off the length.  So after searching the forum, I found the answer here:

Perhaps my question should be worded with different terminology (not sure).  How does one know to add: "LENGTH@@@Cut-List-Item<n>.SLDPRT"?

Is there a recommended source for learning a little more about what all this code stuff " @@@ $$#12342;dj;fasd;fasd;j,.....etc. really means?  Because my first attempt at doing what I hoped to accomplish was copying the value in the cut-list property field and paste it in the weldment part (without the file name):"TOTAL LENGTH@@@ANGLE<1>@D5440 Panel 1.SLDPRT".   didn't work.  I can sort of see why LENGTH@@@Cut-List-Item<n>.SLDPRT was the proper variable, but how does a newbie like myself know to type in "Cut-List-Item"?  Thank you for any assistance.