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Break/split change bar between Key Points

Question asked by Tom Higgins on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Hi motion and animation wizards!


I'm new to using the animation features, just never needed to.  I was asked to create a collapse of an explode for my boss to use in a trade show presentation.


I started with a fully constrained assembly, made an explode and moved around components and sub-assemblies.


I created my animation and it went reasonably well.  But, I found I really would have liked to break the path for a cover into two parts.  I could then move the cover in closer after other components were in place before the final move of the cover at the very end.  With the cover closer to the assembly I could then zoom in on the camera.


Is it possible to Add Key Points to an existing "path" and then split or break the change bar into two pieces that can be placed at different spots on the time path? 


What I ended up doing is change the Interpolation Mode to Ease In.  I moved the start Key Point earlier in time and it worked OK.  But it would have been neat if I could have broken the change bar into two parts and then move the first part of the motion earlier in the animation and left the final movement of the cover to the very end.


I figure I could have edited the explode to have two moves for the cover and created a new animation.  But, this was not a task that warranted the extra time, yet it it would be nice to know if this can be done from within the Motion Study Animation interface.  I figure I'll be asked to do this again...  Never do a job well that you don't want to be asked to do again!


Thank you,