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    Need Help Creating an Unrestricted Top Ten List

    Dennis Dohogne

      Okay fellow forum members, we need your help.


      SOLIDWORKS, in its infinitesimal wisdom, actually takes down the Top Ten list each year, never to be seen again.  That last part is the travesty of it all!  Though they have been repeatedly asked to offer an explanation for this they have not responded with anything adequate.  Reference the many discussions just in the last month or so regarding this dumb policy:

      Will the Top Ten List be handled differently this year?

      Grab the Top Ten Stuff You're Interested in Before it Disappears

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      SolidWorks proceedings - really?

      What are Your Suggestions for making Top Ten Voting Easier?

      Top Ten Idea Submission and What the Voting Means


      All that is currently out there is this:  SolidWorks World Top Ten List Data | Dan Herzberg

      Dan's lists only reference the Top Ten and none of the other great ideas, nor is there any retention of the discussions that went along with the ideas.


      The information generated during the Top Ten lists is priceless!!


      So here is the request.  We (myself and a few others adamant about the value to the community of this information) are looking for a way to capture the entirety of the Top Ten lists - ALL the ideas with ALL of their discussions - and keep it available to the user community without restriction.  I would prefer a live area such as this forum, but at this point I would personally settle for a hyperlinked pdf or Word file each year.


      This is not in my wheel-house to put something like this together.  But I'm willing to stand up and take the risk that this could get me banned from this forum and ask for this.


      So how about it?  Do you have an idea on how best to accomplish this and where it should reside?