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Bill of Material "Default box" selection causes BOM to disappear

Question asked by Mattew Stafford on Feb 8, 2017

Getting a little more familiar with the BOM & had a couple issues. 

1) The first issue was that I was that my description for "D5440 Panel 1" showed up just as I had hoped.  I wish I knew what I did next.. I think I was playing around with some settings in the custom properties in the part.  When I opened up the sheet with the bill of material, that detail & the entire row was missing.  Regardless of what I did, what was strange was that adding a new BOM brought this detail & row back.  The row was not hidden either.  The other thing I could do in order to make this row show back up was to select the "Parts Only" box in the BOM properties.  But why would it show up in "Top-level only", then not?  Is this going to be a common thing to do in Solidworks?  Adding a new BOM whenever something is done at the part level custom properties?

2) Similar to the first issue (and for this job, its not a big deal)...I am just trying to push some buttons to see what happens in solidworks.  When I click the "Default" box, every row disappears in the BOM?  So I decide I will click it again to bring things back.  It doesn't do squat!  What purpose is it there for?