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    Clearing Grey Files / Folders when someone move else them (EPDM)

    Joe Walton

           I've searched through the forums and maybe I missed this easy question or just plain couldn't find someone with the same problem with an answer.


           When I or someone else is moving or deleting files or folders in the vault, the files turn grey on everyone else's computer.  I would like EPDM to automatically update everyone else's computer to match the person's computer that is moving / deleting files.  Hence, no one has the grey files / folders. Is this possible?


           I really don't want to rely on the individuals to consistently have to update their vault.


           Currently I have EPDM setup so the person moving or deleting the files is updated.  The other peoples computers have the moved files updated to the correct location, but it leaves the grey files / folders in their old location.


           I don't want <local files> removed from everyone's computer, just all of the grey (old references) gone when the move / deletion is done. I'm not sure if these are categorized as the same thing.


           I hope this explains the issue correctly.  Thanks in advance for any help.


      Joe Walton

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          Jim Sculley

          See Solution ID S-057321 in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.


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              Joe Walton


                   This actually didn't work for us.  We have also restarted the computers to no avail. I'm wondering if I'm missing some settings somewhere in EPDM to accomplish this automatically.  This particular issue you pointed me to is for 2011 CAD Editor and reviewed on 2014.  I currently have 2016 of CAD Editor.  It doesn't seem to be corrected.


                   I also used the Process Explorer tool mentioned below.  Nothing jumped out at me regarding the particular files/folders.  I also don't know how to search for a particular file / folder in that software.


              Below is S-057321 for everyone's reference.



              Solution Id:




              SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2011 CAD Editor



              Technically Reviewed Date:



              PDMWorks Enterprise


              Explorer Integration



              What could be the reason for a grey "local" file or folder to remain in the SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM local file vault view (cache) after renaming, moving or deleting the file or folder?




              A grey folder indicates you are viewing a "local" copy of a folder that is found in the local vault view cache but not present in the file vault. Files that are only present in the local cache but not the vault also show up with a dimmed grey icon and their status column shows <Local FIle>.


              There are several normal reasons you may see the folder or files as local:
              - If the folder or file is moved, deleted, renamed on a different client, you may have a left over locally cached copy.  See solution S-043537.
              - If the currently logged in user lacks permission to see the folder/file, and a user with more permission previously cached it.
              - If folder/file failed adding to the vault, or was added in offline mode.
              - If user setting "Show only local files" is enabled.


              If you are moving, renaming or deleting folders or files locally then the local folder/file should normally be removed. If it however is left behind as a local copy it usually means the removal of the local folder/file fails, most likely because there is some other process still holding on to it.  Perhaps some application that was open and had browsed to that folder, or some file still open from that folder.


              Close any open applications, exit Enterprise PDM from the system tray, then start a new Windows® Explorer and see if the grey folder remains and if so can be deleted.


              If it still fails deleting, restart the client (or use task manager to kill explorer.exe and start the explorer process again), then try again.


              If it still fails, a good tool to see what processes may be holding on to a folder or file is Process Explorer from Microsoft® (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653). You can search for a filename or folder name and see what processes has handles to the folder.


              It could also be that the logged in Windows profile is lacking sufficient permission to manipulate the locally cached copy. Make sure the profile is given full windows permission to the cache folder (see details in the EPDM installation guide, chapter "Using a Shared File Vault View with Multiple User Profiles").




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              S. Casale

              What version of PDM are you using?


              Are the files italicized while greyed out?

              How is it that you are controlling the cache at log-in? of the vault

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                Joe Walton

                Our current setup for EPDM

                1) Only Engineers have access to the Vault. Contributors and Viewers are not yet implemented.

                2) Each engineer has their own computers, no sharing.

                3) All engineers have the same permissions, except for the Admin, myself, also an engineer.


                Scott,  One engineer moved the files/folders and all other engineers see the grey folders.  I don't want the other engineers to "Add to file vault" because it already exists in another location hence the first engineering moving it. (Reorganizing files/folders)


                Jim, Per the setup above I have all engineers with the same permissions, except Admin, so only 1 person is logging in to see those files at each computer. When 1 engineer moves the files, all other engineers instantly see grey folders.  I would just like EPDM to remove the folders instead of just turning them grey and leaving them.

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                    Jim Sculley

                    Try Group Settings...Explorer....Automatically delete local read-only files that are not part of the vault


                    From the Help file:


                    Automatically delete local read-only files that are not part of the file vault Local folders and local read-only files that are stored only in the local vault view and are not part of the vault are automatically deleted.

                    SOLIDWORKS PDM  uses a local cache mechanism; each vault view stores a cached copy of a retrieved file or folder.

                    For example, if a file or folder is deleted or moved in the vault from another client view, a cached local copy of the deleted file or folder is left in the local client views on other systems. This option ensures that these orphaned objects are cleaned up automatically


                    I did some testing with my test vault.  If you create a local file in a folder on one machine, and then rename the folder on a different machine, the rename works, but the original machine will still show a gray folder.  Only when you change the local file to read-only do the gray folder and the local file disappear.  Renaming and moving of folders is prohibited if users on other machines have files in those folders that haven't been checked in (EPDM throws up an error in the Move dialog box).


                    In your original post you said that you don't want local files to be removed, just the gray folders.  You can't have it both ways.  If there is a local file in a folder and that folder is renamed from some other machine, the folder cannot be removed from the machine where the local file is located (unless that local file is read-only).  And if the local file is read-only, it too will be removed.


                    Of course, if your users are creating lots of local files, they are probably doing something wrong.  And just to be clear, I'm talking about truly local files: files that have not been added to the vault.  Files that have been added to the vault, but have never been checked it are not local files.  They are 'private state files' which are a different thing altogether.

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                        Joe Walton


                             I was hesitant to check this option because from everything I have read there are several ways to create <Local File>'s.  I have a macro that creates PDFs and those are a <Local File>, but they are NOT Read-Only status.  I have never thought to check that and this setting doesn't effect those files.

                             I checked the setting you mentioned and it removed all grey folders/files.  There was 1 that was still lingering, but inside of it were grey files that were writeable.  As soon as I changed those files to read-only, they were removed as well as their folders/subfolders.  I don't know exactly how these happened, but this solves my issue.


                        Thank you for your help.