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Fillets on Symmetrical Features don't come out Symmetric

Question asked by Robby Baldridge on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Robby Baldridge

Trying to sort out a strange issue. I have a part that is fully symmetrical(according to Symmetry Check and by design). When I add a 0.375 radius fillet to matching edges on both sides of the part the fillets populate asymmetrically. I have attached pictures of the symmetry check both before and after the fillet feature, as well as the fillet creation dialog and multiple pictures of the issue. Has anyone else run into this problem or something similar? It seems to come through correctly if I put a R0.375 fillet on the inside corner just above the fillet, but that makes the part incorrect to the point it will not fit with it's mating parts.


EDIT: Added a model


SW2017 SP1.0


Symmetry 1.PNG


Symmetry 2.PNG