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Print3D exports 3MF file with wrong Coordinate System origin point - Workaround?

Question asked by Matthew Griffin on Feb 8, 2017

When using Print3D for exporting a 3MF file to use in the software for my printer, I learned that SW puts the origin reference at the center of the build envelop instead of the lower-left corner as requested by the 3MF spec.


What can I do to set an origin so that my 3MF works in my slicing software without repositioning it?


Here's the reference to how SW 2017 puts the coordinate system:

"When you select the bottom plane, a transparent box appears on the screen, representing the furthest extent of the print volume. The model is aligned to the bottom of the print volume and positioned so that the center of the model's bounding box is in the center or the print bed.A coordinate system appears at the center of the bottom of the print volume."


And here's a reference to the 3MF spec for position:

"3.1. Coordinate Space Coordinates in this specification are based on a right-handed coordinate space. Producers and consumers MUST define and map the origin of the coordinate space to the bottom-front-left corner of the device’s output field (such as a tray, platform, or bed), with the x-axis increasing to the right of the output field, the y-axis increasing to the back of the output field, and the z-axis increasing to the top of the output field. Producers and consumers MUST use the unit resolution of the coordinate space as specified in the <model> element."