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    Help Please, Simulation appears to have vanished.....

    Leon Newton

      Morning all, I think I'm about to dye......


      I have been working on a flow simulation for months (on and off) for my dissertation. I opened solid works this morning to find the slow simulation manager tab missing (at the top of the design tree the flow simulation manager tab should be at the end but has gone) and therefore cannot access anything I have been doing. All the result files still exist but in solid works itself it looks as though I have not done any simulations. When I select flow simulation there is just the wizards, new project, that sort of thing showing.....


      Please help.


      all the best, Leon

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          Amit Katz


          I am sorry to hear about your trouble, however I don't think you will find a lot of help here in that regard. This is a serious technical issue. I would recommend you make backups of all your simulation data, if you haven't done so yet, then get in touch with your vendor's tech support. They are your best bet right now, and any good reputable vendor should be able to talk directly with SolidWorks' engineers to figure out a solution.

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            Benjamin Modic

            Hey Leon,


            Looking this up in the knowledge base I found Solution S-05515...


            Some customers were able to correct this issue be doing the following. Please try to right-click the Command Manager and select the "Customize" option. The toolbar customization dialog box will appear. Please notice if there are numerous "Flow Simulation" tabs on the Command Manager. If yes delete all the tabs. Reset the Flow simulation add-in (turn off/on) and see if this corrects the problem! The original Flow Simulation tab should be back on the Command Manager with all the default icons.


            If the above steps do not correct this issue then please try the following additional steps.


            Make sure SolidWorks is not running, then, using Regedit, rename the following registry key:


            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 20XX\User Interface


            (Be sure to use the path representing the appropriate SolidWorks version)


            This should restore the Flow Simulation CommandManager tab to the default state. Please note that this may also affect other custom CommandManager settings.