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buy vs build. what would you do?

Question asked by David Anderson on Nov 29, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2008 by David Anderson
as the end of year approaches i am gettting prepared to pull the trigger on a new desktop to take advantage of the tax deduction. at first i was going to buy a box, probably from hp's refurb site. but thanks to anna's information on the performance of her i7, i am now looking at the i7 which means buy new or build new.
i went to newegg and spec'd out a box that i thought would be best meet my needs. heavy SW and heavy FEA (ANSYS). essentially it consisted of

i7 965 3.2Ghz extreme
ASUS P6T X58 chipset
12 GB ram
2 150 GB velociraptors
Vista 64
800 W Power Supply
Tower Case

price at newegg was $3430 (incl shipping @$40) w/no warranty/support.
price at Xi $3900 (incl shipping @ $145!) with one year warrantee and support.

i have built a number of boxes in the past and it was a lot fun and rewarding when it finally came to life. however, it would seem that the peace of mind of a warranty and having the box arrive w/the OS installed and in a case that has proven cooling and power systems seems is well worth the difference.

just was curious what you all would do...