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    Memory issue with Quadro M4000 and Visualize 2016?

    Barry Shapiro

      I've been having ongoing issues with large files. these are Visualize files with 10 to around 18 million polygons. It is very sluggish and difficult to work with. I know I have read others having issues also.

      I happened to check system info in Visualize today and noticed this memory reading.....


      Notice that it only shows half of the capacity of the video card which is 8 gigs of memory. BTW it doesn't matter if files are opened or closed.

      nVidia control panel shows the card has 8 gigs of memory.

      Don't know if this has been the issue all along but if anyone is having problems with large files please check and post a response.



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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Barry ,


          are you also running SOLIDWORKS or is there a reason that the graphics driver is so old?


          if not I would try updating to the latest driver for the M4000 before trying anything else and see if that helps


          all of my stats are reading correctly but I am using a different card , Bastian Krueckeberg or Brian Hillner may be able to shed more light on this as well.

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              Barry Shapiro


              The driver is 354.56

              That is the correct driver for Visualize 2016. I could try the newer version but I don't know if it works with 2016. I know there is a newer version required or 2017. And yes I'm working in both Solidworks and Visualize and both on 2016.


              I'm almost about to give up on Visualize. Unfortunately most of my files exceed 15 million polygons when I'm doing final renderings for carton art. I can't spend days in Photoshop filling holes due to open seams at lower tessellation settings and also deal with faceted edges.


              I don't have these problems in Photoview and I just downloaded a trial of Keyshot. I think GPU based rendering is definitely faster once I actually click the render button but this has been almost impossible to work with as it is currently.


              I already invested a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of these problems with time on the phone with our VAR and they have no clue since they only know the basics of the program. I still need to send some sample files in but even that has been an issue since those files need to be sent via FTP.


              I had asked for a trial of Visualize pro over 6 months ago and still have nothing. Needless to say I have been disappointed that in a year of trying to get some help the response has been poor at best.

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                  Scott Ellery

                  Sorry I totally glazed over the Visualize 2016 part ,


                  although the main issue is not seeing all of your VRAM available (which may or may not have been fixed for 2017....I am not seeing anything in the release notes but Bastian Krueckeberg would be able to tell you) there are other ways we can reduce our Polygons to make things easier to work with.


                  if your models to not require the CAD Live update feature you can always import as appearance grouping which gives you less parts in your tree and can improve performance.


                  you can also suppress any internal components in your SOLIDWORKS assembly that will not be visible for the render (if there are any) to reduce the number of polygons in a scene. I usually have a separate configuration for this.


                  I am also really sorry to hear about what is happening with your VAR ,


                  it should not be that difficult to get a trial code for Visualize Pro, in 2016 you were able to start your own trial within the software itself but for 2017 it is part of the SOLIDWORKS installation manager so you will need a separate code but your VAR should still be able to obtain this with relative ease.

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                      Barry Shapiro


                      Thanks for the suggestions.


                      I always use the appearance grouping.....didn't help.


                      Our products are tough since they are mainly fans, heater, humidifiers and air cleaners. All things with lots of grills with fillets and perforated metal grills on the heaters.


                      I tried to use procedural textures in Photoview which didn't work very well.

                      In Visualize I was doing some test rendering with procedural textures for perforated grill (circle speaker mesh) to reduce file size and kind of got some better results but there are apparently issues with that in Visualize too. Change the color and "sometimes" after that renders show no holes but the preview window looks correct. I was going to post some images to show what was happening but I think it's just another quirky problem in a growing list of problems.


                      I'm not totally sure that Visualize is not seeing all of the vram or even if that is having any affect on the problem I'm having. That reading might be nothing more than a fluke itself.


                      Visualize seems to render just fine when I click render. There's an initial time of seemingly nothing happening. Possibly some initial calculations of 1-3 or 4 minutes depending on the size of the image. then rendering begins and that looks fairly speedy compared to Photoview to get about the same quality image.


                      Issues I have are importing a new file. Opening a file. Making any adjustments to the file. (cameras, colors, environments, etc.)

                      The whole computer can become unresponsive for upwards of 10 minutes. A lot of waiting. So I'm not sure it's a system thing or video card or just too much for Visualize.


                      I used to use NuGraph or Poly Trans from Okino to tessellate files from SDRC. There was much better control to optimize tessellation. I got better results with much smaller files since I could control things like maximum  length of the polygon and it did a much better job even at lower settings. Never had open surfaces. Part of the problem is the limited control within Solidworks. There's one slider and anything not in the below the red zone is going to be faceted edges on round objects.


                      I know Pro gives more control and the ability to re-tessellate but I might never know. ;-)


                      Any ideas would be helpful.


                      I downloaded but didn't try it yet. 376.62 driver   This is the newest. Idon't know if it works with Solidworks 2016 or Visualize.

                      I saw you tried. 375.....


                      If anyone tried this one please let me know.