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Cannot repair Solidworks installation/Add in issue

Question asked by Ronald Plesh on Feb 7, 2017

I am having issues with some of the add ins I use, particularly the AutoDesk Vault software.  Suddenly the tab is missing off the ribbon.  It is showing up when I go to tools-> add ins and is checked.


I had been getting some odd errors lately - files wont open when double clicked even though the association is still good, error messages like: "Could not get file info.  This archive is likely corrupted.  Cannot cretae a file when that file already exists.".  I went the usual route of un-installing the add in, re-booting and re-installing with no change.


What brings me here is that I tried to run the repair and that does not work either.  The error I got was that files could not be found and I should insert the DVD.  Since I do not have a DVD player on my computer (installed over the network) that is not an option but I could not find any way to direct the repair to the location of the files.


Anyone see this before?  I attached the summary IMLog if that helps.