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Selection tools and tips

Discussion created by Jordi Pérez on Feb 7, 2017
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Hi everybody,


First of all I want to say that I didn't found a similar topic into the forum and so I decided to go ahead with this one... If it already exists please let me know!


I think selection tools is one of the most in common knowledge that we all must be fluent in (even if we work with one or another kind of projects). I'm sure you all have your own ways and It would be great to share it here.


I just wanted to start this post by sharing a video I found about Selection tools. It introduces five tools that I will comment according to my experience:


1. Split line (Very useful if you don't know it but not very enigmatic I think. It's palced into the Features > Curves default toolbar.)

2. Filter Toolbar (So powerful feature for a fast selection if your scene is full of different entities. It's told you can see it by just pressing F5... Legend? No!!)

3. Select other (Have you ever interrupt a feature to hide an annoying part that is covering up your target? This utility will put that off from now on...)

4. Invert selection (Also present into the feature tree. It might be very helpful for multiple selections if you count on it before start clicking)

5. Select tangency (Right click utility that gives what it promisses, mostly used to select a group of tangent faces with just one click)


Here is the link to the video:

Five Best SolidWorks Selection Tools


And here is my personal contribution:


6. Select chain (Curve chains can be selected out of the "convert" or "offset" features. You just need to right click on your target chain (not necessarily tangent).


Enjoy and share your knowledge please!