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Is it me or is SolidWorks 2017 crashing a lot more than "normal"?

Question asked by Taylor Street on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Don Hill

I installed SolidWorks 2017 about 3 months ago and since then it has crashed about 15 times.  It has crashed during the following procedures:


  • Creating a design table
  • Adjusting the tangency points on splines
  • Adding a new configuration
  • Changing configurations
  • Opening the Toolbox


Perhaps someone sees a pattern that I don't, but these crashes seem random to me.  They happen even after a fresh restart with few background processes active.  My computer isn't fantastic, but it is up to spec for the requirements outlined by DS.


What's the most frustrating part of this is that, even though I have it set to backup my work every 1 minute, out of all of these crashes SolidWorks has only once presented me with the ability to restore from an autosave upon restarting.


Is there anything I can/should do?  And if all else fails, is there any way I can make it more reliable about asking me to restore from the autosave on restarting?  Any other general help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Version: SOLIDWORKS Premium 2017 x64 Edition, SP 1.0

System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1, Intel i7 860, 8 GB RAM