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Draftsight - just installed new version on new computer, and 90% of existing drawings are missing lines.

Question asked by Caleb Youker on Feb 7, 2017

NOTE - The official Draftsight forum keeps freezing and won't let me register or read its here I am.


Just got a new Boxx computer, and a fresh install of all software, including Draftsight.  SW and SW electrical both work flawlessly.


I have used draftsight without ANY issue whatsoever for ages.  Literally NO issues.  Ever.


The newly installed software does not show most of the lines on about 90% of our drawings.


For example:

Just about every drawing has at least a few lines missing, and some drawings are 80% blank or more.


I can hop on my older PC and see all of these drawings perfectly.


Tried re-saving them.

Tried deleting ALL LAYERS except zero, changing ALL LINES to solid white, and STILL half don't show up.

Been digging through display settings and such for about 2 hours but making no progress.


Only potentially useful observation is that the 'HIDEVIEW' command makes the problem worse.  None of the other shadeview settings have an effect.