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sheet number does not update in title block

Question asked by Tommy Kowalczyk on Feb 7, 2017


We have recently implemented the use of the PDM software onto our server. We have the Title Block & Sheet Format saved in the vault and for some of the drawings that we are migrating over, we need to update the title block, whereas the older title blocks were manually keyed in.  We are using the variables of the data cards to populate the title block.


My issue is with the auto-correct/update of the "of sheet #" field.  I have added links to the title block to include "Sheet <SW-CURRENT SHEET NO> "OF" <SW-TOTAL SHEETS>". What I expect to happen is to update sheet 1 to read, "SHEET 1 OF 2" and sheet 2 to read "SHEET 2 OF 2".  Instead, they only read "SHEET 1 OF 1" & "SHEET 2 OF 1", respectively.  However, when trying to "Add a Sheet".. the 3rd and 4th sheets will read "SHEET 3 OF 4" and "SHEET 4 OF 4".

These last 2 added sheets update the proper # of sheets but why it do it for the first 2 (original/existing) sheets?


I did do a RMB in the sheets,.. clicked "properties...." and then "Browse".. and locate the newly-formatted title block, located in the vault.


Please help!

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