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Save bodies assembly

Question asked by Kevin Folwark on Feb 6, 2017

Sorry for the long post but this might be a bit hard to explain.


I have a work basket that i have drawn up as a single part. When complete I did a save bodies so it will break it all apart and save all the weldments and parts separate. In the save bodies options I select to make an assembly from the part, tell it not to consume bodies, and also tell it to derive similar bodies. After the save bodies is complete and I go to the new assembly it just made everything looks ok but it turn out things do not all align properly. When I would look at something like the railings for instance in the assembly none of them are perpendicular to each other than the one that is used as the common vertical railing in the save bodies list.


To help explain I included the part file and a screen shot showing the railing components that stay perpendicular to each other when making the assembly. The components that stay correct to each other are the red and the green railing sections. The green and the yellow components in the assembly all seem to go to something crazy like 90.00000000111 deg for some reason. The red vertical rail is the common body in the save bodies list.


If i turn off the derive similar bodies in the save bodies options and save every single body in the part the assembly works out fine and has no issues but then im stuck with many files of the same part.


Anyone know why this happens?