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Mirroring holes and cuts

Question asked by Jordi Pérez on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Hi everybody,


I'm tryning to mirror a body with some screw holes (hole wizard) and extruded cuts. I need to merge the mirrored one with another body as the holes remain across the merged result. I've tried but I'm not reaching it at all without a double mirroring workaround (first bodies and then features).

Mirroring features, if I check the Geometry Pattern box, I get the message "Geometry pattern results in disjoint bodies"


Mirroring bodies, if I merge the mirrored with the target body I loose my holes, so they are not scoping neighbours anymore.


What could be the simplest solution to solve that?


What am I missing?