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Over deforming with bolt connection

Question asked by Greg Castaldi on Feb 5, 2017

I'm running a test simulation on a mounting point for a brake caliper.  I was looking to utilize bolt connectors in a certain fashion and though putting together this simulation would be a good test.  It is two tabs put together with "spacers" in between acting as the mount points.  Then I threw four bolt connectors through them, added in bolt series for the spacers, and a valid amount of preload. 


The forces and overall deformation makes sense, but for some reason the one space continues to deform in such a fashion as seen below. With the soft springs option in place, this does not happen, which makes sense as well.  However I know that for the accuracy of the simulation, one should not keep the soft springs option activated, and they should figure out the constraint needed to keep the floating piece in place. 


Does anyone recognize this problem and know the solution? Any advice or explanation? Anything would be appreciated.